Inspired by Resistance

14 Jan

My mom gave me a book a long time ago. It really changed perception about wealth, finances and circumstances. There’s no book to tell you how to improve your quality of life with an invisible illness. There is a book that can open your spirit up to receive positivity though. There are many versions of this book and many interpretations of this book.
I have my favorite version near at all times.
Resistance is everywhere. I know a little about a lot of things, I guess that’s my resistance. Maybe if I learn a lot about one thing I can inspire. Today no more resistance. I’ll leave that to this who have time to find fault in every aspect of life and actually thing they can fugure everything out on their own. I know because that was me. Solutions heal, problems hurt especially when you don’t consider that there are solutions. It may not be the one you want. It may

not happen as quickly as you want. It may cost you time, money, focus, creativity. So that means if I focus on the solution the problem gets smaller and I start living. I stop resisting and I’m living.

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