19 Jan

So I’m stongest physically in the morning.  I’ve actually been sleeping a lot lately.  Great right, no insomnia.  While I’m grateful my body is actally able to get the rest it so badly needs and deserves.  The dilemna arising is why am I sleeping so much.  What are you saying to me body now? Forty years of life and my body and I are just forming a relationship.  There is a balance occuring in my body that has never occurred before.

Balance is returning to my body because I’m learning the correlation between what I put into my body and how my body responds.  This is a process.  An autoimmune body has usually been through so much havoc some would just succumb and go back to what we’re used to, being ill.

A body and mind so unbalanced may resist wellness.  That’s autoimmunity in a nutshell.  So as I prepare to do a complete diet overhaul.  Autoimmune-protocol, basically paleo, no grains, dairy, eggs, nuts, nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, etc.).  It’s a little complicated but how much more complicated could it be than having a body that resists anything and sometimes everything including but not limited to sunshine, cold/hot weather, stress, medications (that can get complicated).

What I do know is that I have a shot at a much more fulfilling life and I’m taking it.  The things I must give up mean nothing in comparison than what I will gain.  A real shot at a life of quality and actually obtainable goals, mental, physical and a real chance to live my purpose.  It’s go time, I’m ready.  There’s so much I haven’t been able to do, things I others take for granted.  Things as simple as taking a professional family portrait.  I actually don’t run from the camera now.

My twins are 18 and we’ve never taken a professional family portrait with my children.  Can you imagine that?  If you can keep reading my thoughts maybe you’ll join me and we can do things we could only things we’ve only imagined from or bed, couch and sometimes hospital bed.  I know now it’s possible and I want you to know it too.  Back to bed I go because life awaits and I’m ready to live.


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