Dear John

23 Feb

It is over Myasthenia gravis.  The first time we met you took my speech away.   Then you took my breath away.  You invaded every area of my life.  You took so much away from me.  Your time is up.  I’m through not being able to see clearly because of you.  You chose me, I did not chose you.  This union has been the rockiest road ever.
I have never encountered anything like you.  You made me afraid of everything.
You have basically been playing Russian Roulette with my life for over 17 years.  Because of you I have scars, visible and invisible.  I allowed you to corrupt my spirit and take me to dark places.
You have made me more misunderstood.  That’s not all your fault, I’ll give you that.
I thought you would never go away, ever.  I smiled but I waited daily for the day you would destroy me physically.
You couldn’t, you can’t, you won’t.  Did you think you were bigger than my Protector?  Your time is up.  You are done. 
It is now time for me to speak for those you are continuing to harm.  You are defeated in my life.  You will be defeated in the life of others.  Yep, you picked the wrong woman. 
Crazy part is I’m not the least bit bitter.  I’m grateful to you.  If not for you I might still take life for granted.  Because of you I am thankful for every single breath I take.  You made me face my demons head on every day, sometimes I won, sometimes I learned.
I’ve lived with you so long you actually think I am comfortable with you.
You were my stress alert, you were always there, you pushed me to levels and depths I did not know were attainable.  For with you my Father has protected me & blessed me despite the chaos you invite.  And the World is puzzled by me now but they always were so once again you lose.
You’ve been around for too long destroying lives, families, finances, relationships and quality of life.  You confuse minds and invite fear.  I see through your invisibility.  I will not be invisible anymore.  I will not be silent about your complications and the true damage you offer.  Goodbye.

P.S. I’ll take it from here.


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